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Year in Review 2022

On the way to the super wallet

It is slowly becoming clear to everyone that the super wallet is coming. Whether decentralized, centralized, from governments, banks or fintechs, with ID without ID, only via Decentralized Finance (DeFi) or still quite normal simply as SSO, so to speak – that is now the question.

Successful PoC with Swisscom

At the end of 2021, myEGO was successful in the Swiss scale-up program KICKSTART and won Swisscom for a commercial PoC. We were able to successfully implement the PoC within three months in 2022 and create the first basis for determining whether digital identity projects work in the market and are applicable.

Decentralized Identity and Web3

The Web3 stands for the decentralization of digital identity. Existing structures, which are primarily characterized by big tech and are primarily characterized by centralization, are being broken up by this development. The focus is on solutions based on blockchain technology, which initially give users back control over their data and are also designed as open systems. Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a central element of this change, which is exciting not only investors but also government institutions.

Startup & Accelerator Projects

This year, myEGO succeeded in participating in renowned accelerators from different countries such as Kickstart (CH), F10 (CH), IBM Hyper Protect (USA), FinTech X Accelerator (USA), EU-India (India). An accelerator program is an intensive support program for startups that gives them the opportunity to grow quickly and successfully launch in, for example, new countries. Participation in the programs enabled myEGO to get in touch with strategic partners within a very short time. In addition to the strong network, participating startups are also provided with mentors & experts from the respective countries, who offer expertise as well as deeper insights into the culture.

Successful Seminar

Our one-day seminar “Decentralized Identity in Practice – Challenges & Use-Cases” on 10.11.2022 gave an overview of the development of decentralized identities in the context of Web3 and concrete application examples for practical implementation. On 23.2.2023 our 2nd half-day seminar on “Decentralized Identity – a global movement” will take place in Berlin.