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The Founder Challenge

The myEGO Founder Challenge

myEGO is delivering the next generation of digital identity and connecting all players within ecosystems and beyond – interoperable, open and self-sovereign. myEGO is building the technical infrastructure by being agnostic regarding protocols, ledgers, and wallets. With the Founder Challenge you will be at the forefront of innovation.


The introduction of decentralized identity is a done deal, especially in Europe, but is also gaining momentum globally. Governments are discussing concepts and forming initial approaches, but the business world is already one step ahead and is calling for concrete solutions and use cases.

The Founder Challenge of myEGO starts exactly here and provides 4-6 founders & 4-6 partner companies with its infrastructure to complete 4-6 use cases in 6 months.

The Founder Challenge:
Oct 2022 – Mar 2023

Use Case Building Concept

We deliver a comprehensive infrastructure including SDK & App to build on.

We provide the decentralized identity infrastructure as a service for multiply identity assets. You can use our technical infrastructure and support to build your use cases.

HR & Certificates

Store your degrees on your phone to share it whenever its needed for employers, universities applications etc.

Age Verification

When buying 18+ products / content: Show your age without showing your birth date.

Crypto & Credit Score

Become the bridge between Web2 and Web3 by connecting the crypto assets to your exiting credit score.


If you have a great idea to go into market, feel free to create your own use case.

Who can join?


The Challenge is aimed at graduates of “Entrepreneurship” or “Business” courses or those with initial work experience, with the motivation & ambition to start up on their own or with their own small team.


Tech for Equity

This challenge is aimed for Entrepreneurs that have a startup & want to shoot for the stars. Incorporated or not we are providing you the frame & resources to realise a Blockchain identity solution. The Challenge is aimed at startups that already collect personal data and can now turn it into verified credentials.

Innovation for Partners

As a big corporate, innovation is a must but often only slow to realise. We are providing you with the infrastructure & space to support or develop the next generation of decentralised identity.

Founder Challenge for Entrepreneurs

Your benefits

Full access

myEGO will provide full access to the myEGO Decentralized Identity Infrastructure based on blockchain technology. Furthermore, you will get full access to the SDK and App structure. You will benefit from our marketing and sales expertise as well as our long-term established network of business angels, family offices and venture capitals as well as business partners and relationships in business development.


Whether you need technical support or are in need to discuss business ideas, concept and sales – our team has many years of experience and will guide you towards your goals – saving costs and resources.

Start now

Why wait? Have you just graduated or are already thinking about the idea of becoming your own founder? Now, you have the opportunity to start right away. We have the ressources – you have the drive! Let’s start and become the founder you always wanted to be – the first mover in SSI.

Founder Challenge for Startups

Tech for Equity

myEGO believes in good founders and ideas. Many great projects simply lack budget. We would like to support projects with potential and offer our infrastructure as well as our SDK wallet free of charge – in exchange for company shares.

What do you bring to the table

  • Idea and Business Model
  • Go-To-Market Strategy 
  • Team and founded company

What is your benefit

  • myEGO infrastructure for decentralized identity & SSI (credits worth 100k)
  • myEGO SDK Wallet for iOS & Android
  • Support or full development of the smartphone application (depending on the scope of requirements)
  • Knowledge transfer in the SSI area
  • Network (corporate & investors)
  • Possible connection to an incubation program

Founder Challenge for Partners and Sponsors

We are looking for business partners that support the myEGO Founder Challenge – either as a joint sponsor of a pre-defined use case or you define your own use case and get it developed.

What is your benefit

  • You’re close to Innovation & receive the latest tech
  • Staff will be supported by our Infrastructure, Tech Staff & Incubation
  • You will receive shares in case of a company spin-off
  • You can use the use case results 100%
  • You have the opportunity to venture
  • Get advertised
  • Support with your knowledge and network

How can you join as partner

  • Innovation Sponsor
  • Be host of one of your challenge (external)
  • Connect your Intrapreneurship program with our Tech infrastructure
20+ years of experience as serial entrepreneur in the debt collection & fintech business (with successful exit)

“Over the past few years, we have build a decentralized identity infrastructure because we believe that in today’s and the future’s world people have to become owners of their digital identity again. We need the drive now to build use cases, to challenge our society and to show politics and the economy that this is the future and it can be done. We hope that the Founder Challenge will have a positive impact in influencing the digital transformation – for the next generation of founders as well as for companies that can now position themselves at the frontier of digital identity.”

Tanja Ludwig, CEO & Founder myEGO

25+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in management & scaling of international SMEs / companies.

“Especially when it comes to disrupting outdated systems, as is the case with digital identity, those responsible in government but also in business often lack the determination & above all the courage to take the first steps, even at the risk of not being 100% right from the start. With our Founder Challenge we offer founders, but especially companies, to create a solution for a use case in the environment of digital identity that fits directly into the practical environment of an established company without great risk. Thanks to our existing infrastructure, these use cases will be ready for use in just 6 months and can then prove themselves in the market.”

Marcus Schmitt, Co-Founder myEGO