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We provide the full layer infrastructure for the
next generation of digital identity:
Decentralized & Self Sovereign (SSI)

Our Solution

Centralised solutions facing increasing regulations for individuals, businesses & goods. Data silos are often based on legacy systems and can lead to data security and privacy risk as well as limited economic opportunities due to closed ecosystems.

Decentralised solutions provide trusted connections of ecosystems leveraging these economic opportunities in alignment with the upcoming regulatory framework.

Use Case
Supply Chain

  • Product origin and traceability
  • Supplier identity & qualification
  • Efficient data sharing

Use Case
Banking &

  • Opening of ecosystems
  • Monetisation of digital assets
  • Increased efficiency (onboarding, claim management etc.)

Use Case

  • Secure Login & Authentication
  • Virtual asset ownership
  • Win of all stakeholders

Use Case

  • Issuer position: new revenue stream
  • Financial losses due to identity theft
  • Position as infrastructure provider

Why myEGO?

“By 2026, at least 500 million smartphone users will be regularly making verifiable claims using a digital identity wallet built on distributed ledger technology” (Gartner)

Life is complicated enough. RELAX. We are here to make it easier by providing trust.

With our infrastructure organisations can implement a decentralized identity solution and enable individuals to get sovereignty over their data.


How to work with us

With our solution you can build and implement decentralized identity solutions into your business – however you need it. Just choose the right option for you.

Consulting Service

Consulting service to define the strategy suited to the specific use case

Full Layer Approach

From the underlying network to the integration into existing use cases

White Label Solution

Use the set of solutions either internally or for external commercialisation

SSI as a Service (SSIaaS)

SSI as a Service provides a complete service to implement SSI Technology

Trusted Network

Technical infrastructure and gateway to the underlying trusted network


Our Vision

The future of an individual’s personal data is based on their self-sovereign digital management. The same now applies to goods whose identity & lifecycle is mapped digitally. With our team of international specialists, we have turned this vision into reality.