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Your life is complicated enough. RELAX. We are here to make it easier.

No more searching for your driver’s license, manually copying account information or jotting in your credit card number – so began our idea. The dream: to create a secure place for all that important information you need in the day-to-day. Here it is: the home for your digital self.

Our Corona Special

Especially in today’s crisis, when digitization is really taking off and many businesses have to digitize their processes quickly and efficiently, we want to help ensure that verification can help start-ups to give their product more security and trust. We therefore developed a special Corona Crisis Offer, which is aimed at all start-ups who want to address verified customers now. #staydigital #staytrusted #stayhome

myEGO2GO App

How the app makes your life easier.

Don’t leave your digital self to chance, rather leave it to our unique and secure app! Get more control over your data – now!

Ready in 4 steps


Scan your ID, credit card or health insurance card and have them always at hand. Wherever you are: you have everything with you!


Securely verify your identity so that you can use it to prove, confirm and communicate it: no more identity theft!


No more searching: Find all documents quickly and conveniently with just one click. Whatever you are looking for, you have it to hand!


Use your data for everything important to you: decide what data and with whom you share it: stay control of your data!

Introducing your digital home

It’s about people.

Every person is unique. Our conviction: Everyone has the right to manage and protect their own personal data. That’s why we offer an app in which everyone can store their digital self. We made it as simple and secure as possible so you can piece together the digital identity puzzle for a better world.

The principle: transparency

Monetize data? No way! We protect sensitive information, just like we would want our own data to be managed. That’s why we neither store nor read the unique user data (even if we wanted to, we’ve built it so we can’t!). By using blockchain technology, every single read and write process is traceable, assignable, immutable and transparent.

Our credo: keep it simple

We believe everyone should have secure and easy access to their personal data. With this in mind, our most important goal in developing the myEGO app was to make the functionality intuitive. With unparalleled commitment, our team has created a product that strikes the perfect balance between innovation and usability. An intelligent search function and a clear UX design are further ingredients to our principle.

Protection – instead of paper and plastic

We use the best technology on the market. This allows us to provide the highest level of security through a system that is decentralized and encrypted on several levels. This is a quantum leap for personal data management: and marks an end to paper and plastic identities. myEGO creates a world in which organizations and individuals do not have to document their identities over and over again. Connect, buy, speak or identify yourself: Everything is possible – in your new digital home.

The Company

We have a dream.

We started with the vision to create a safe home for the digital self. Our dream: to make digital life meaningful and secure for each of us. With our team of international specialists, we have turned this idea into reality.

No matter what question or concern you have,