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SSI in the smart city

The perception of identity, especially digital identity, has changed a lot in recent times. And this is especially the case in the smart city or modern city. More than ever before, it is necessary to be able to identify oneself. SSI is the new foundation.

There are many different ways to verify one’s data. And it turns out that the digital way is very convincing and sustainable.

Especially in cities with modern infrastructure, verification of personal data and digital identity is increasingly necessary. Many processes are shifting from the analog to the digital. And this can be observed very well when it comes to identity checks. This is the reason why it is necessary to prepare for this and offer an efficient as well as future-proof solution.

However, such a path requires technology of the future. This is where SSI comes into play.

What is SSI?

Self-sovereign-identity offers a secure and simple solution for identifying a natural person. This technology is definitely the foundation of a smart city ecosystem. SSI guarantees the user control over his personal data. Access is denied to others. Therefore, no monetization or sale of data is possible as you see today.

Currently, the Bavarian as well as the federal government in Germany is striving to enable an integration of blockchain and SSI technology. This is expected to result in a strong gain in efficiency. The so-called e-government is the next step in digitalization and will fundamentally change the administration as well as many other things.

SSI-powered ecosystems enable entirely new possibilities. Once networked, the speed and efficiency of any process increases enormously. For example, a trip to the government office is completed much faster. However, without losing the necessary level of security and confidentiality.
Furthermore, this blockchain technology can also be used to reduce risk regarding Covid-19 and guarantee more security.
The application areas for SSI and digital identification of a person are almost unlimited.

Another important application area is mobility. In smart cities, sharing services are particularly popular. Here, SSI and the associated security can be applied. This technology can also be well integrated when leasing or financing a car.

An SSI platform is the most user-friendly and user-oriented solution for the future challenges of digital identity. This makes building an ecosystem more than future-proof.

The decentralized storage of data guarantees the security of SSI. After the documents are authenticated, they are stored encrypted on the user’s device. At the same time, an encrypted form of the data is also stored on the blockchain, which likewise ensures the authenticity of the data. Only the user has access to his personal data and decides who may view it.

MyEGO offers exactly this SSI platform for an ecosystem or smart city.

Our app stores data in encrypted form after it has been verified for authenticity by our partners. After that, you can share the data as often as you like and with whom you like.
We see SSI as the foundation of any smart city. Not only does the city benefit from a more efficient verification process, but so does every citizen. For the future, we see SSI not as pure digital identity verification, but rather as a step towards a connected, user-friendly and digitized world.