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SSI as a solution for the upheaval in the online gambling world

On 01 July 2021, the new version of the State Treaty on Gambling will come into force. 
This introduces many innovations that apply to online casino operators but also their users. 
A large part of the implementation is a new verification system. Intending to ensure that each player can only play in one casino at a time requires an infrastructure that allows operators to identify a player precisely. In this way, the player is to be denied access to casinos if he is already logged into another casino at the same time.

Various reasons for new identification

Another innovation is the nationwide blocking file. Players should be able to be blocked in this way, quickly and easily. For this to work correctly, it is essential to know precisely who to block or unblock. Therefore, identification is also a big part of player protection. 
Furthermore, a deposit limit is also planned, which limits the player per month across casinos. Again, for this reason, the unique identification of the player is needed. Therefore, the State Treaty on Gaming wants to restructure the existing online casino world and requires many technical innovations for this. Players are to be protected, and a fair legal gambling landscape is to be established.
The process, which a newly founded authority will also carry out, can still drag on for a long time. Currently, the end of 2023 is mentioned as the completion of the restructuring. 

Fast action is required

Nevertheless, gambling companies should not put the issue on the back burner and take action. The gambling companies must opt for secure and, above all, very flexible technical solutions. As has often happened in many other areas, the first regulations of the government are not always the last, so changes or concretizations are to be expected. 

SSI as a driver of change

This is where SSI comes in. Self-Sovereign-identity provides a secure and straightforward solution for identifying any individual. SSI can become the foundation of the new online casino ecosystem. This technology guarantees users control over their data. Access is denied to others, so there is no monetization of data as we see today. In addition, once verified, data is used multiple times and increases usability on the part of business partners and gambling operators. 

SSI-driven ecosystems enable entirely new opportunities. Once networked, the speed and efficiency of any process increase tremendously. For example, a new casino registration would be completed much faster without losing the necessary level of security and confidentiality. The application areas for SSI and the connected identification of each person are almost unlimited.

SSI is the most user-friendly and user-centric solution to the future challenges of digital identification. Therefore, building an ecosystem with this technology is more than future-proof. 

The security of SSI is guaranteed by not storing the data in a decentralized manner. After the documents are authenticated, they are stored encrypted on the user’s device. At the same time, an encrypted form of the data is also stored on the blockchain, which likewise ensures the authenticity of the data. Only the user has access to his data and decides who is allowed to view it.

MyEGO offers precisely this platform for an ecosystem-based on SSI. At the same time, the data assets or even verification levels can be changed very flexibly at any time. These changes are made exclusively on the myEGO platform side and do not require any further technical adjustments on the part of the gaming operators. This ensures long-term investment security. 

For the future, we see SSI not only as pure identity verification but rather as a step towards a decentralized, secure, and user-friendly digital world.