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UN Sustainable Development Goals, thanks to SSI

The United Nations has agreed to implement 17 goals for a more sustainable world by 2030, the so-called Sustainable Goals.
These goals are intended to help achieve more peaceful world order and greater prosperity in poorer and developing countries.
An important component of this is point 9, which provides a concept for sustainable and innovative economic growth. Innovative economic activity is no longer possible in today’s world without digitized processes. Self-sovereign identity assumes an enormously important role in a digitalized economy.
The credo is thus: Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, thanks to SSI (Self Sovereign Identity).

Increased efficiency in verification

Thanks to the digitization of economic and business processes, the handling of personal data and digital identities are also changing. Processes can be recorded and processed more quickly. And thanks to the Internet or new technologies, they are often independent of location. By means of Self Sovereign Identity, MyEGO offers an innovative way of verifying oneself while always retaining sole sovereignty of personal data. Error-proneness is reduced because manual data entry is no longer required. Speeds are increased and cross-network connectivity is enabled.

Our contribution to the realization of the goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were set by the UN in 2016 and are to be implemented by 2030. The German government and the European Union have also committed themselves to the goals, which are intended to help particularly slow-developing countries. Through various concepts, sustainable prosperity, better education, working/living conditions, as well as stable and peaceful conditions are also to be achieved.
myEGO would also like to make a contribution to these important and worthwhile goals. Therefore, we provide an infrastructure that makes it possible for people to move securely in the digital world. As a member of the Bavarian Blockchain Association, we are convinced of the security and advantages of this technology. Data or documents are stored decentrally and are made available in encrypted form after being released by the user. Fraud – especially in the area of digital identity – is prevented. Misuse of personal data or unwanted skimming of personal information without authorization is controlled by the user.
Not only should a return of data sovereignty to the citizen be a priority in the working practices of the Western world, but it should also serve as a good model for emerging and developing countries.
Onboarding, registration, and verification processes are simplified, digitized, and accelerated. Across countries, industries, or systems, myEGO creates independent solutions, adapted to the respective requirements. And, of course, in compliance with European data protection regulations (DSGVO).

Other goals

By moving to the next level of digitization in terms of identity, a further goal can also be pursued. Point 9 of the jointly agreed goals by the United Nations (UN) includes sustainable economic growth with full productive employment. Here, too, slower-developing countries have priority. Nevertheless, in a networked world, all stakeholders are interdependent and can learn or benefit from each other.
Even though digital verification of personal data can only be seen as complementary in this context, it builds an important pillar for handling processes. Reliable data can be collected securely and in real time and used to make decisions or handle day-to-day business.

A look into the future

In a globalized world, our decisions always have an impact on our fellow human beings. MyEGO wants to support the United Nations’ 17-point plan wherever we can. Our contribution to this is to give people back the sovereignty and security of their personal data when moving in the digital world. This is also a fundamental right and describes a better world.

You can find more information about our efforts to meet sustainability goals here.