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With Self-Sovereign-Identity to the mobility of the future

As an exhibitor at the IAA MOBILITY 2021, myEGO is presenting this year to promote Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) as part of the mobility concepts of the future.

The way people get around has been in a state of flux since industrialisation at the latest. The invention of the railway was a milestone in the development of mobility. Today, long distances can be covered in a very short time by air, water, road and rail. At the same time, the demands on our world and the requirements of people have changed greatly. Climate change, increasing individual transport and far-reaching urbanisation are just a few keywords.

The concepts of mobility in an increasingly digital world are becoming more diverse and innovative ( This process is also reflected in the renaming of the IAA to IAA MOBILITY. Access to private cars via smartphone, the rapid development of electrification, car sharing and a multitude of other innovations and other shared mobility concepts are now elementary components of modern mobility.

The International Motor Show (IAA)

The International Motor Show (IAA) is one of the world’s largest international motor shows. This year the fair is being held in Munich for the first time, and the organisers are giving it a completely new orientation: parallel to classic car innovations, the focus is on new mobility topics. This also includes test drives with alternative drives on the Blue Lane, which connects the trade fair grounds with the city centre.

Regardless of the mobility concept, many processes are now digital. Onboarding, i.e. the registration of customers, plays a central role here: It must be fast and efficient, simple and secure. On the company side, the digital identity of the user must be confirmed and verified. These processes are often redundant and require high resources.

myEGO offers the up-to-date tool for this step. It does not matter which system providers work with or which industry they come from. Repeated, manual data entry is no longer necessary with myEGO. Errors and identity fraud are prevented. Thanks to blockchain and encryption, users can manage their data independently and securely. Usability and user-friendliness are at the centre of our attention.

As a central part of our lives, the smartphone takes on many functions. With myEGO, we offer customers and users an easy-to-integrate, decentralised identity ecosystem. Whether it’s a driving licence, ID card or bus ticket: any document can be stored on the smartphone and, if necessary, shared after approval. Data assets are stored decentrally in a so-called wallet. Users retain absolute control over their information. Participating companies receive clearly verified proof of the authenticity of their users’ identities. Problems with the storage of personal data are a thing of the past with myEGO, because data is stored decentrally and encrypted. Onboarding processes are faster, more secure and smarter.

SSI the user creates his identity

The potential applications for digital identity are not limited to the mobility sector. The introduction of SSI also has great potential in access management. Wherever companies assign physical and digital access rights, conventional accreditation systems reach their limits. Access to buildings requires verified identities to mitigate security risks. Whether the users are really authorised to access the building can only be guaranteed with physical badges at great expense. Besides security concerns, administration and control are expensive, time-consuming and not very user-friendly. With myEGO, our SSI solution offers a modern alternative for access management.

The mobile-accessible digital badge on the device will facilitate many tasks in the near future and will be integrated into everyday life. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to be able to take part in this year’s IAA with myEGO and to show, together with various partners, what the path with SSI to the mobility of the future with digital identity looks like.

Regardless of the preferred mode of transport: myEGO creates a customised digital infrastructure for every type of mobility!