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myEGO enters into cooperation with Swisscom

myEGO was successful as a start-up with its flexible SSI wallet & SSI platform (digital identity) in the Swiss scale-up programme and won Swisscom for a commercial PoC.

“Swisscom is collaborating with the startup myEGO to digitize higher-valued documents using the advantages of SSI.”

This is an important milestone for myEGO. The myEGO Wallet & Platform is not a closed ecosystem, but rather wants to act as a connecting element. Cooperation with established companies from a wide variety of verticals is therefore of great importance. Arranging a collaboration with Swisscom for a PoC within eight weeks using SSI technology is therefore a groundbreaking milestone, which was achieved with the support of Katka Lenzing’s Kickstart program.

More about the UseCases that the myEGO SSI technology can implement can be found on the website under UseCases.

About the Kickstart scale-up program

The scale-up program opens the doors to companies, partners, investors, cooperations and networks for high-growth startups.

Kickstart in Zurich is one of the largest zero equity innovation platforms in Europe that operates a scale-up program for high-growth startups with the aim of accelerating deep-tech innovations in Switzerland.

Accelerated growth for mature startups

Kickstart Innovation started its sixth program in Switzerland in mid-April 2021. The ecosystem innovation program connects scale-ups, companies, cities, foundations and universities to support commercial partnerships.

The focus is not on startups in the early phase, but on more mature startups that are already set up to work with large companies (e.g. existing product, experience in working with B2B customers). The multi-week program from September to November promotes technological innovations and collaboration on specific opportunities.

The scale-ups receive support within three months through access to a large network of consultants and experts who have successfully founded, scaled and often also sold a company themselves. During the program, each kickstart scale-up is assigned a mentor who regularly consults with the makers, gives them access to their personal network and shares their market knowledge.

Many “big players” in the financial industry have recognized that the path to digital further development of their business leads through cooperation with startups, writes Katka Letzing, CEO of Kickstart Innovation.


Kickstarter Press Release

About Katka Letzing ant the vision

About Kickstarter Programm

This is why PoCs are so important for startups and enterprises

A PoC is carried out jointly by both parties as part of a cooperation between start-ups and enterprises. The aim is not to check whether the product works on the market, this criterion should already have been met, but rather whether it can also be used in the industry in which it is intended in the context of the cooperation. This test makes sense because it creates an important basis for successful cooperation.

About Swisscom

Swisscom is the leading telecommunications and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland, based in Ittigen near the capital Bern. Outside Switzerland, Swisscom is present in Italy with Fastweb. In the first nine months of 2021, over 19,100 employees achieved sales of CHF 8,343 million. Swisscom is 51% owned by the federal government and is one of the most sustainable and innovative companies in Switzerland.

“Success is not a coincidence” is one of the Swisscom’s guidelines

Swisscom about itself: “We generate the vast majority of our sales with products that did not even exist a few years ago. So we are constantly reinventing ourselves. ” Therefore, the interest in new technologies is particularly pronounced and the openness to visions & technology from startups Swisscom is one of the global partners of the Kickstart Accelerator and therefore Roland Cortivo and Michel Pfäffli are on the jury. Roland Cortivo focuses on the fintech sector. The degree of maturity is decisive for the selection of the startup. For Swisscom it is important that a PoC can be implemented with the startups, only then can the first step in a cooperation be started.