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PoC with Swisscom

At the end of 2021, myEGO was successful in the Swiss scale-up program KICKSTART and won Swisscom for a commercial PoC. We were able to successfully implement the PoC within three months in 2022 and create the first basis for determining whether digital identity projects work in the market and are applicable.

The project of myEGO and Swisscom was not only able to provide valuable insights, but above all to create a basis for good and successful cooperation between startups and an enterprise. In line with Swisscom’s guiding principle “Success is not a matter of chance”, it is important to pursue projects together with the right partners – a Swisscom that positions itself with a strong openness to new technologies and pursues its vision accordingly in an implementation-oriented manner and a startup like myEGO, which has been working continuously for several years to implement a similar vision of providing the infrastructure for the next generation of digital identities.

The PoC dealt specifically with the digitization of certificates. Together with a private education institute, we developed the possibility of also making certificates available digitally in a wallet, which in a next stage of development can be shared with companies with the consent of the user. The ability to store, manage and share certificates digitally is the core element of myEGO, which has set up its SSIaaS (SSI as a Service) product model accordingly. More about myEGO’s products here.

Specific contents of the PoC were:

  • The ability for participants to store and manage digital identity credentials in an app.
  • Combining KYC processes with training certificates to create a verified credential
  • To manage the certificate credentials in a digital wallet, as well as the possibility of an export and share function for further use cases in the future

For Swisscom, the dematerialization or digitization of physical goods is an important path for the future – which has now been made possible in a first step as Verified Credentials in the form of certificates.

“Digital credentials open up the last mile of digitization to enable trusted business processes to be carried out securely. With myEGO, we were able to implement an exciting use case in the education environment – an area that depends significantly on trust in the credentials and their credibility.” (Andreas Tölke, Head Fintech & Digital Trust, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG)