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IDX: Events by myEGO

User awareness of the issue of data protection combined with increasing regulatory requirements mean that the topic of decentralized identity is becoming more and more important. Primarily in regions where the requirements are very high. Nevertheless, even in regions such as Asia, the first solutions are already emerging that map concepts such as SSI.

In addition to different countries, SSI is also becoming interesting for a wide range of industries. In order to master the challenges and drive the development forward, it is necessary for companies to understand the technology and for the “manufacturers” of SSI to understand the requirements for business processes in different industries.


myEGO has recognized that the topic is very present for many companies, but is also still uncharted territory. Particularly in Germany, there are few events that deal more intensively with the topic. For this reason, myEGO organized a seminar on the topic of decentralized identities in practice in November 2022. The seminar showed how much need for discussion the topic offers in the context of development & implementation.

Development and implementation present companies with new challenges that can only be solved through joint collaboration. With IDX, myEGO would like to initiate a new series of events with the goal of bringing SSI enthusiasts together. The reason for this is that there are currently only a few opportunities to deal specifically with this topic in professional circles in which different interest groups and industries are represented. myEGO would like to change this and organize this series in addition detached from events in which topics are explained in the context of a lecture. Rather, the focus is on exchange and networking.

What can you expect?

IDX is all about bringing “friends” of SSI together and offering the opportunity to exchange ideas on current topics. Also planned are impulsive presentations as well as panel discussions followed by Q&A on critical topics. The focus is on building a strong community to promote the development and implementation of SSI in companies.

On 23.2.23 our new format series IDX will take place. This time on the topic: “Global Perspective of Identity Systems & the Rise and Elements of Super Wallet”. This one throws a national and international perspective on the topic of decentralized identities. Together with experts, different approaches and projects as well as ideas and concepts for a decentralized future will be discussed.

Find out more here about our events on this topic.