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About us

About us

With our team of international specialists, we got it:
The optimal solution for a modern, flexible and secure digital identity.

Our Vision

The future of an individual’s personal data is based on their self-sovereign digital management. The same now applies to goods whose identity & lifecycle is mapped digitally.

Our Mission

myEGO enables people to manage their own digital identity data. Our environment enables businesses to access their clients’ and goods’ data without compromising the sovereignty. We offer companies the opportunity to exchange digital data assets in a new way: decentralized – self-sovereign & GDPR compliant.

Our Values

It’s about people.
It’s about you

Every person is unique. Our conviction: Everyone has the right to manage and protect their own personal data. Our solutions are as simple and secure as possible so you can piece together the digital identity puzzle for a better world. Together with a network of trusted partners, we ensure a secure customer relationship.

The principle:

Our IT stack is based on security, openness and standard. We protect sensitive information, just like we would want our own data to be managed. We neither store nor read the unique user data. By using blockchain technology, every single read and write process is traceable, assignable, immutable and transparent.

Our credo:
keep it simple

We believe everyone should have secure and easy access to their personal data. With this in mind, our most important goal in developing solutions is to make the functionality intuitive. With unparalleled commitment, our team has created a product that strikes the perfect balance between innovation and usability.

digital originals

We provide the highest level of security through a system that is decentralized and encrypted on several levels. This is a quantum leap for personal data management and marks an end to paper and plastic identities. With our solutions for businesses and goods, we provide transparency throughout the whole lifecycle from production to end-of-life disposal.

Our Team

Tanja Ludwig

20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur in debt collection and fintech business with successful exit. Several years of SSI product and market knowledge.
Marcus Schmitt

25+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, managing and scaling international SME companies and in consulting. Several years of SSI and Blockchain product and market knowledge.
Alexander Schneider

7+ years of experience as CTO & fullstack developer. Former employee of Tanja. Management of IT team & responsible for the development of the myEGO platform.
Frank Kebsch

18 years CEO at Arvato Financial Solution, 3 years GF at Finleap Connect. Extensive network in enterprise environment & management of large projects.
Eliana Gramer
Head of Marketing

10+ years experience in marketing and business development, brand management & strategy development.
Marius Gentzsch

3+ years of startup experience within the tech industry, Master of Science in Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Manish Sudeshkumar
Blockchain Developer

3+ years of experience in blockchain, frontend and backend development

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