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About us

A strong team with a powerful vision

We don’t want to just talk about a better future – we are shaping the world today. Because in a digital world we are charged actors for our own digital destiny. With our team of international specialists, we have it: the optimal solution for a modern, flexible and secure digital home.

Our Vision

We put you in the drivers seat when it comes to digital identity security. You control what others see. You decide what you share. You win your freedom.

Our Mission

We have all hands on deck when it comes to your digital security. No matter where or when you exchange data or identify yourself, with the myEGO2GO app you can do it in a secure and independent way. Steer yourself toward your new digital security future.

Tanja Ludwig
CEO & Founder

20+ years of experience as serial entrepreneur in the debt collection & fintech business (with successful exit)

With myEGO2GO we want to enable people to become owners of their digital identity again. At the same time we want to influence the digital transformation positively.

Marcus Schmitt
Strategic Advisor

25+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur in management & scaling of international SMEs / companies.

The rapid digitization of previously analog processes between people & companies requires proof of identity in more and more areas of life – this can only be done digitally. myEGO solves this securely and simply.

Eliana Gramer
Head of Marketing

10+ years experience in marketing and business development, brand management & strategy development

A world in which we monetize personal information is not a world worth fighting for. But a world in which people and their data are protected is.

Alexander Schneider

3+ years experience in software development and former employee of Tanja Ludwig

Being a part of myEGO means having the opportunity to define digital identity and create a real, independent added value for users.

Umer Dilpazir
Frontend Developer

6+ years of experience in front-end development and Android app development.

It’s very exciting to work on new technologies like blockchain to secure digital identities.

Manish Sudeshkumar
Blockchain Developer

3+ years of experience in blockchain development for EoT and IoT.

The immense capabilities that blockchain possesses will one day rule the world of technology. myEGO2GO has understood the real potential and I am glad to be a part of it.

Clemens Schäfer
Junior Sales Manager

1+ years of experience in business development, marketing and product management.

Life without a digital identity is no longer imaginable. However, we must not let go of the wheel here. As part of myEGO, I want to help ensure that we can all manage our lives in a self-determined and secure way.

Sharif Hossain
Frontend Developer

4+ years of experience in frontend (web/mobile) and mobile app development.

myEGO does a great job. It creates a fun working environment and motivates employees to do their best. I am very happy to work at myEGO and to be working on something great.

We look forward to meeting you.