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The myEGO2GO App

Everything under­

You want to take back control of your digital identity? Build it together with us: Test the app now and send us your feedback to or write us via the contact form.

Our Vision

We invent the world. And our digital identity in it. With myEGO, you’re empowered to organise, verify and, should you want to, pass on share your sensitive personal data. Only you decide if and with whom you share your data, as well as who should be able to see it.

Get started

Why all this talk when you can actually do it? Exactly. Experience myEGO2GO yourself.

1. Get it: the myEGO2GO App

Download the app and set up an account. Important tip for a successful start: Keep your private assigned key in a place only you know.

2. Scan it: your documents

Whether your ID or your credit card – simply scan your documents. They are stored in fully encrypted form. Only you can view and manage them.

3. Get verified: better safe than sorry

You can easily have your identity card verified so that you can log in, register and identify yourself securely online. Only you decide with whom and what you want to share.

The myEGO2GO App – designed for YOU!

Breathe. Finally there is a way through the digital jungle: myEGO2GO gets you out of the chaos and brings you to a place where only you can see what your digital identity is all about. In this place you can collect and manage your personal data. A digital space where you can find yourself with your individual information and never lose yourself again. Anywhere, anytime and as secure as it can be.

Test the App.

We at myEGO2GO have been working on the realization of a great idea since march 2019. Now the first version of our app have been launched to the App-Stores. Download the app and send us your opinion to We are looking forward to your feedback.

What the App can already do now.

Forget cash & cards

Baby it’s a wild world! You travel a lot and rarely have everything with you. But one thing always accompanies you: your mobile phone. Scan all your personal cards easily and conveniently with the myEGO2GO App. ID card, credit and benefit cards are always with you. Whenever you need them, they are immediately at hand.

Well organised

Find your scanned data in myEGO2GO with one click. This puts an end to tedious searching for ID or credit card information. The minimalistic and user-friendly design helps you to find your way around at any time. For more time and the important things in life.

Get verified

Use what you got. A verification service is included so that you can use the app to securely share your personal documents with partners when needed. You only need to get verified once. Afterwards you can share this verified data as often and securely as you want.

Security First

myEGO is super secure. By that we mean: All data is fully encrypted. Only you decide who can read it and what can be read. myEGO is your ego. Because your data belongs to you. Only you decide who can see it, who gets access and what you want to do with it!


What the app can do in the future

  • Easy connection for corporate partners for your applications. This allows you to transfer your verified data with multi-factor identification using TouchID/FaceID and VoiceID.
  • Update your data in seconds for all relevant applications
  • Multi-country and role management
  • Documents that we will support in the future: Passport, driver’s license, customer cards, credit and debit cards, student cards, membership cards, insurance cards, event tickets and much more…

Do you have a question about the app? No problem.