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Building on trust

On Trust

Trust is essential to myEGO and is a top priority at every layer. To build trust, we rely on trusted networks as our foundation.

SSI Trust Triangle

At its core, the SSI Trust Triangle is about trust. It recognizes that trust is essential for any system of identity management to work effectively. In the trust triangle of SSI, myEGO can enable all three stakeholders.


The Issuer creates and issues digital credentials with verified personal information, like name and qualifications. Examples are governments, universities, and employers. They verify identity and qualifications and provide secure digital credentials stored in a digital wallet.


A Holder stores digital credentials in their wallet (issued by an issuer), which they can present to Verifiers as proof of identity or qualifications. They have full control over their wallet and can choose which credentials to share and revoke access at any time.


The Verifier is an entity that needs to verify the identity or qualifications of an individual. Examples of Verifiers could include potential employers, government agencies, or service providers. The Verifier requests specific credentials from the Holder, who presents/transmits them digitally.

SSI as part of Decentralized Identity

Decentralized identity provides solutions for individuals, businesses and products


As displayed in the trust triangle, SSI gives individuals full control over their personal data.


Companies need to provide information. Know Your Business (KYB) requires companies to share thar information about legal structure, ownership, management etc.


A digital product pass provides information about the product identity (Ownership, sourcing of materials etc.)

Infrastructure for a new world of trust

myEGO IT stack is based on security, openness and standard. The result: speed in development, ease of interoperability & openness to different business models and use cases.


Our platform model enables interoperability across different ecosystems.


Aries Framework on track to be a standard in the European & North American market; open to other systems


Underlying network is based on large enterprises building the trusted infrastructure


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