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To support businesses during the Corona pandemic.

Digital ID and document management

Contact details can be easily and securely collected using our ID card scan. Proof of vaccination or confirmation of a Corona test result can also be digitized and securely shared with companies:

fast – paperless – data protection compliant

Our solutions

Digital Guest Registration

Register people digitally and easily: Contact details can be collected easily and securely using our ID card scan.

Digital proof of vaccination / test result

Individuals can easily digitize their vaccination record and/or Corona test result using myEGO and – if necessary – share it securely with companies.

Digital proof of vaccination / test result

Uncertainty prevails as to who may be entitled to the vaccination certificate and test results in the future. The fact is – the person must always be allowed to decide for themselves with whom and what personal data they disclose. Thanks to our self-sovereign identity approach, we make exactly that possible: people can digitize their personal documents, such as ID cards, vaccination certificates and Corona test results, and manage with whom they want to share this information in the future. True to our motto:

fast – paperless – data protection compliant

Who benefits from the solution?

Not only do we want to encourage people to digitize their documents (and by that we mean everything that makes up you and your identity) so that these documents are always at hand wherever you are, but we also want to show companies that a digital restructuring due to the Corona pandemic doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated. Whether it’s the hotel industry, airlines, concerts and events, this is the way to create a safe and digital environment and get back to your core business.

The digital guest registration: your benefits


Your customer records his data by scanning the ID card – so no person can impersonate “Donald Duck” anymore. The data is encrypted and can no longer be viewed after the legal retention period of 4 weeks has expired.


This creates transparency and security for your guest – no paper – no stomach ache when it comes to document destruction.


smartphone. By scanning the QR code, the person can register digitally. In doing so, you get error-free contact information and save the customer from having to fill in their information manually.


In the event of an infection or audit by the regulatory authority, customer data can be read out and exported immediately in the myEGO web portal for partners.

Digital guest registration

From the point of view of your guest

Step 1

Your guest scans the individual QR code and starts the myEGO web application

Step 2

Your guest enters the necessary data digitally by scanning his ID card

Step 3

Your guest submits the necessary contact data, which you can easily read out in the myEGO web portal

Our offer

Digital guest registration is aimed at all businesses that have been obliged to register guests, such as restaurants, hairdressing salons, clubs, coworking spaces, etc. The myEGO solution can also be easily applied to the vaccination centers that are now coming. We offer a two-tier model for this:

Small businesses with 1 location

For small businesses, such as cafes, small hair salons, etc., our solution can be used free of charge. All you need to do: Sign up via our contact form – a representative will get back to you immediately with setup and account creation.

Große Betriebe

Large branches, franchises, large catering establishments, co-workings, vaccination centers, etc. will get an appropriate price offer, depending on the amount of locations and average number of guests. Just send us a short mail . We will find the right offer for you.

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