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For Business Partner

myEGO2GO for Business­ Partner

Everything so that your company can work faster, more efficiently and more securely. Throw in increased conversion rates on top. Any requests?

The safe way to satisfied customers

Forget complicated KYC processes and multiple verifications. We have it: the new and lean solution for managing your customer relationships.

myEGO2GO is the mobile solution that flips the process on its head. In focus: Your customer. With the help of state-of-the-art blockchain technology, users of the app can verify themselves easily and securely. Your customers decide how often and with which partners they exchange relevant information. For more speed, security and more satisfied customers.

“Identity will be the most valuable commodity for citizens in the future, and it will exist primarily online.”

Eric Schmidt

The 4 paths for business partners


The myEGO plugins are optimized for WooCommerce and Shopify. Click here to go directly to the installation.

Product: Verified Login, Age Verification, Address Verification

Use Case: eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify


The quick overview of all processes with our API documentation for business partners. Just have a look at it here.

Product: KYC (automatic/video ident), Verified Login, Age Verification, Address Verification, Data Updates, Card Combinations

Use Case: Verifiying account data; larger company with full integration

Partner Portal: Verified Login

Convenient Self Sign-Up and Verified Login enable documentation and control of contracts and processes

Product: KYC (automatic), Age Verification, Address Verification, Card Combinations

Use Case: Startups and small companies

coming soon


The myEGO2GO SDK reflects all processes and solutions of myEGO2GO in own application.

Product: Supports all myEGO2GO products

Use Case: Large corporates, full integration into their KYC processes

coming soon

Our Brochure

Your business can work together with myEGO2GO in different ways. We cannot only support you, but also develop you further. Find out more here.

How your business benefits from myEGO2GO

For non-regulated markets:

  • Age verification: e.g. gambling industry, online poker, sports betting
  • Age verification and address verification: e.g. e-commerce, online shops for spirits
  • ID verification: dating and job portals, social networks
  • Comprehensive / automated ID verification: e.g. travel industry, share economy
  • ID check and verification of the insurance card: e.g. e-health, online doctors and pharmacies

Für regulated markets

  • Video identification: e.g. banking sector, insurance, tax consultancy, legal services

The advantages for business partners at a glance

A team of experts

Leave the work to us and get back to your core business.

Enhanced customer experience

Simple and logical processes for verified users

More conver­sions

Fewer verification processes and costs

Save time

No more multiple and costly KYC processes

Save money

We reduce KYC costs by up to 50%

More security

Fewer fraud and data breaches

Do you have questions about what we offer? We are here to help.