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Self-sovereign identity management

myEGO is a platform for the self-sovereign identity management. Consistently, our solution focuses on the user, rethinking and developing data management and processes. With our services, business partners can implement digital and smart processes and benefit from an innovative and sustainable onboarding approach.

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The secure way to a satisfied customer: Busting silos

Today, companies and entire industries face the problem of digital transformation, of designing processes and operations to be efficient, customer-centric, and digital. Digitalization poses one major problem in particular: high losses due to identity theft and compliance breaches. Companies worldwide lose 5% of their profits to fraud according to a study by ACFE. In addition, companies spend large amounts of money and resources on verifications (KYC processes), which they always repeat at short intervals to make sure they are not fraud.

Another major hurdle is the adherence to traditional systems, processes and ways of thinking. “[W]hich legacy element is the most underestimated obstacle for a company to overcome in order to pursue a fresh new approach: legacy mind-sets, legacy IT, or legacy processes? […] Unless a company is led by people who embrace innovation and change, it will remain in a legacy state” (McKinsey, 2019). Along with the challenge of transformation, disruption and change comes the ever-changing legal requirements of data protection, etc.

The successful way to overcome these problems and challenges would be to radically break down the silos, traditional processes and thought patterns that cause too much cost, damage and friction.

“Silos are a perennial problem that have become more costly because, in the words of Cognizant CEO Francisco D’Souza, ‘the interdisciplinary requirement of digital continues to grow. The possibilities created by combining data science, design, and human science underscore the importance both of working cross-functionally and of driving customer-centricity into the everyday operations of the business. Many organizations have yet to unlock that potential.’ The executives we surveyed appeared to agree, ranking siloed thinking and behavior number one among obstacles to a healthy digital culture.”

Goran, LaBerge, Srinivasan. “Culture for a digital age”, 20.7.2017,

Benefits for business partners

Digital Identity as a Service

You can choose from a variety of digital identity services, such as KYC processes with different levels of verification, and you can decide whether you want to receive individual data transactions or data combinations (e.g. verified ID card, validated driver’s license and banking information).

In addition, we offer the possibility of implementing a “secure login system” with two or multi-factor authentication, verified age verification or verified login. We thus extend traditional single sign-on solutions with verified login processes for more trust and security for your business and your customers.

Less identity theft

myEGO is a user-centric digital identity management platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide a secure and verified authentication model. With the platform, you can securely manage the entire user profile with just one connection – leading to a drastic reduction in identity fraud (through smart KYC or verified processes, among others) & less compliance breaches.

No repeated verification processes

Many processes are innovative, but not focused on the user. The myEGO SSI platform puts the user back at the center.

“Bring Your Own Identity” (BYOI) refers to the idea and goal of being able to use this own identity as needed in any environment – be it private or business – for online shopping or in an official context. In this way, user journeys and processes are raised to a new level. Verified personal data is captured once and used multiple times – saving costs and resources.

Busting legacy systems

No more hassle managing legacy systems and their processes – with our intelligent and sustainable onboarding approach, you can link user data assets across ecosystems and services, eliminating data silos. Building open ecosystems with a strong user-centric approach enables traditional enterprises to develop new ideas, models, and collaborations that pave the way for value-creating benefits.

Compliance with legal requirements

The myEGO platform is a decentralized, application and blockchain-based environment that prioritizes user security and ensures that data cannot be tampered with and thus used for digital identification. myEGO opts for a balanced approach between cutting-edge technologies that keep the product modern and those that are tried and tested to ensure the robustness of our security approach. Data protection management is implemented for both data security and secure data exchange.

Seamless user journeys

We strongly believe that everyone should own their digital identity. That’s why we have developed products and services that enable a trusted digital customer relationship and ensure an exceptional user experience where people remain in full control of their data. That’s why we ensure seamless user journeys by sharing personal data inside and outside ecosystems.

“We are very pleased to welcome The Ego Company to our portfolio, an innovative company that is highly versatile thanks to its unique blockchain technology and product. Digital ID not only makes countless identification processes easier for users, but also serves as an important component on the business side for the development of new platforms within other industries. Especially in the real estate sector, there are many possible applications for this type of product.”

Dr. Florian Resatsch, Chief Build Officer (CBO) finleap,

“It is a pleasure to work together with myEGO. We can ensure a more trusted and secure environment since we have implemented myEGO’s digital identity management. Through their services and their strong user-centric SSI approach, our network is now proud to be set upon a secure, protected and verified environment.”

CEO Holger Geissler,

Case Study: ipOcean

Verified User Profiles and Authentication via QR Codes

ipOcean is a blockchain based network that combines the speed, connectivity and low price of the internet with ownership protection, confidentiality, verifiability and manipulation protection on one platform allowing corporates, startups, universities, research centers, investors, associations, individuals etc to quickly start working together in a trusted way. ipOcean is an easy and fast way to start privacy ensuring collaboration and to accelerate innovation via open innovation challenges or hackathons.

Case Study: SportVita

Verified User Profiles and Authentication via QR Codes

The SportVita app is a unique sports community platform that connects and networks athletes across all sports. Each user is verified, ensuring the protection of the entire network.The vision of SportVita is to translate the classic “analog” club and sports network into the social web and thus to offer all athletes a global and social sports network that focuses on the athletes themselves and their sporting successes.

Use Cases

Our understanding is based on the idea of open, secure and user-centric ecosystems. We have therefore specifically developed use cases whereby traditional companies and sectors, such as mobility, real estate, education, social, eGovernment, eCommerce, health or finance and insurance, can create new synergies and business models by sharing data securely and with user consent.

Mobility & Automotive



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