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You want to define and manage your own digital identity? Build it with us and be part of the revolution.

Our Vision

We invent the world. And our digital identity in it. With myEGO, you’re empowered to organise, verify and, should you want to, pass on share your sensitive personal data. Only you decide if and with whom you share your data, as well as who should be able to see it.

The challenges of a digital identity

We disclose our data voluntarily

“Fifteen percent of Germans now use a smart voice assistant such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. The majority of their users do not agree with the recording and analysis of private conversations, but one in three believes that as long as the benefits of the speakers outweigh the risks, there is nothing wrong with recording. […]

Germans are particularly permissive when it comes to information about their own demographics (e.g., age and gender): 35 percent would provide such data for a fee and 14 percent even for free. However, German consumers are more reticent when it comes to political views and information on private contacts. In the case of the latter, only one in five would still provide this type of data, of which 15 percent would do so for sale and five percent free of charge.” (loosly translated from: Dr.Datenschutz. Zahlen und Fakten: Wann wir unsere Daten preisgeben, 08.08.2019,

But we also fear for them

“Collecting data and using it for criminal activities: Dealing with one’s personal information on the Internet causes one in five Germans considerable concern. This is shown by the R+V study “The Fears of Germans 2020″.” (loosly translated from: itNote. Jeder fünfte Deutsche fürchtet Online-Datenmissbrauch, 18.11.2020,

We honestly have no control

“The major U.S. Internet companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have long since identified online identification as an attractive business. Users can log in to countless larger and smaller online stores or other online services with their Google or Amazon credentials. This is convenient for users – they don’t have to create a separate customer account for each service. The Internet companies, in turn, secure access to the data that accumulates there. But that’s a thorn in Merkel’s and Bär’s side: “Because this also drains away the potential for value creation,” Bär warns. What’s more, it’s not at all clear to individuals what happens to their data abroad.” (loosly translated from: Hoppe, Kerkmann. Alternative zu Google und Facebook: Merkel macht digitale Identität zur Chefsache. 03.12.2020.

And far too many digital identities

“Every digital application, whether it’s a cell phone, surfing the Internet or using a loyalty card, generates data. Some of this data is collected, processed and sold by companies. This can affect the right to informational self-determination or even data protection.” (loosly translated from: Čas, Peissl. Datenhandel – ein Geschäft wie jedes andere? 12.3.2010,

Impact of myEGO

How the app makes your life easier.

Don’t leave your digital self to chance, rather leave it to our unique and secure app! Get more control over your data – now!

Ready in 4 steps


Scan your ID, credit card or health insurance card and have them always at hand. Wherever you are: you have everything with you!


Securely verify your identity so that you can use it to prove, confirm and communicate it: no more identity theft!


No more searching: Find all documents quickly and conveniently with just one click. Whatever you are looking for, you have it to hand!


Use your data for everything important to you: decide what data and with whom you share it: stay control of your data!


What the app can do in the future

  • Easy connection for corporate partners for your applications. This allows you to transfer your verified data with multi-factor identification using TouchID/FaceID and VoiceID.
  • Update your data in seconds for all relevant applications
  • Multi-country and role management
  • Documents that we will support in the future: Passport, driver’s license, customer cards, credit and debit cards, student cards, membership cards, insurance cards, event tickets and much more…

Do you have a question about the app? No problem.