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Social Distancing and we switch to virtual life

The reality of COVID-19, the Corona Virus, has taught us that we have a still a lot of homework to do when it comes to our “digital society”. myEGO2GO is an ID tech startup working towards a digital identity management based on blockchain technology. A health crisis that demands the distance between people also shows us the necessity of digital solutions to verify documents and processes. With our strong user-centric approach, we can help businesses today to switch to contactless verification processes that support daily business and eventually containing the pandemic further.

finleap invests in digital ID company “The Ego Company” 

myEGO2GO is proud to announce that it is now part of the finleap family, Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem, through investment. myEGO2GO will become an integral part of a new and secure data storage system that finleap business partners can integrate into their respective business models. The advantage for end customers is that they only have to undergo a one-time Know Your Customer Process (KYC), which they can use for identification for later transactions and for credit checks.