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Sustainable Goals

Sustainable goals
of myEGO

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a sustainable development agenda adopted by the United Nations in 2015. They consist of 17 goals and 169 sub-goals that address the global challenges of poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, environment, water, energy, cities and communities, and peace, justice and partnership.

The Sustainable Goals

Source: Bundesregierung

Our Sustainability Report

Self Sovereign Identity ↔ SDG

Self sovereign identity already pays into the SDGs in many aspects such as the transfer of ownership to the user, decentralized storage, etc. myEGO goes one step further by providing the infrastructure that enables companies to use SSI.

Problem: Health data is very sensitive data that is becoming increasingly digital.

Solution: SSI can help facilitate access to healthcare services by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access healthcare data. Another issue is the secure transmission of the data.

Problem: Especially in the context of the worldwide refugee problem, problems with transferring and proving university degrees arise again and again. Another problem is the equal opportunity between different genders to education.

Solution: SSI makes it possible to store university certificates as VCs in the user’s wallet. These can be used in different universities in different countries to share proof of achievements.

Problem: Access to education should be a universal good that is available to everyone, regardless of their background or gender. In addition, each person should have the ability to not only control, but own their own data.

Solution: SSI allows the VC to be stored on the user’s smartphone so that they not only control their data, but own it.

Problem: SSI offers a variety of benefits. Building your own SSI solution is complex, which prevents many companies from accessing the technology.

Solution: myEGO provides the SSI infrastructure for companies. This access not only enables companies to promote internal innovation, but also strengthens their own growth by optimizing internal processes. The cross wallet approach offered by myEGO also makes it possible to open up the closed ecosystems of individual companies in order to achieve greater synergy effects through data interoperability. The user is always in the foreground and his consent to the sharing of data is always in the foreground.

Problem: The identity of a person can be described by a variety of attributes. In addition to the classic ID card, the driver’s license, other documents are part of the identity, such as the university certificate, the Covid certificate, etc. These documents are often created in the physical form of paper or plastic. These documents are often created in physical form of paper or plastic initial. In addition, it is seen that when they are used, they are often digitized & reissued in physical form to file the proof.

Solution: Documents can be converted directly into Verified Credentials and shared with other companies via myEGO’s infrastructure. This not only saves time and effort for companies, but also natural resources for physical production.

Problem: Registering and processing elections digitally leads to various challenges such as ensuring that a person can only vote once, a person is eligible to vote, no voter mix-ups occur, etc.

Solution: Presenting a verified identity in the form of a VC enables the challenges to be addressed in order to reduce errors in elections. Another possible application is in the context of reducing tax fraud.

More goals

Secure data protection with SSI

Data protection is a very important part of our vision. But privacy, as we understand it, goes beyond simply “allowing cookies”. We aim to give users back control over their personal data – Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). This is our idea of sustainable and secure data protection.

Data sovereignty as a fundamental right

The sovereignty of one’s own personal data represents for us a fundamental right, as well as freedom of each individual.

Climate protection at myEGO

Since climate protection concerns everyone, we have had our company certified as a member of LFCA. The objective is to continuously improve sustainability within the company. In doing so, it is important to unite the business activities as well as the requirements of each individual employee.


Open-mindedness towards all people of any origin, religion or culture forms the basis in dealing with our employees and business partners and is a code of conduct at our company.