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Use Cases

Use Cases

Our understanding is based on the idea of open, secure and user-centric ecosystems.

We have therefore developed some exemplary use cases, whereby traditional it companies and sectors, such as mobility, real estate, education, social, eGovernment, eCommerce, health or finance and insurance, can create new synergies and business models by sharing data securely and with user consent.

Digital Identity as a Service

As a standard product, we offer classic identity and KYC processes.

You can choose from a variety of digital identity services, such as KYC processes with different levels of verification, and you can decide whether you want to receive individual data transactions or data combinations (e.g. verified ID card, validated driver’s license and banking information).

In addition, we offer the possibility of implementing a “secure login system” with two or multi-factor authentication, verified age verification or verified login. We thus extend traditional single sign-on solutions with verified login processes for more trust and security for your business and your customers.

Exemplary Use Cases

Automotive & Mobility

myEGO’s solution approaches are focused on three challenges in the automotive and mobility industry. These include 1. the revolutionization of the automotive industry through the opening of ecosystems and the concept of digital identity as the driver of new mobility, 2. the discussion about “ownership” of data in cars and other mobility vehicles, and 3. the digitization of processes.


The approach of open ecosystems and the focus on people will enable insurance companies to create personalized offers in the future. Through the newly created synergies between industries, the end customer can now store various data sets in his secure “private space” with the help of myEGO and thus build his own insurance profile.


Many companies faced major challenges due to the Corona pandemic. With our solution we would like to support with regards to digital guest registration as well as in the organization and management of a digital vaccination record or test result. We believe in:

fast – paperless – data protection compliant

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